Tuesday, 27 November 2018

River walk tomorrow?

Hmmmmm will we or won't we get to go on our walk by the Manawatu River tomorrow morning?
Current river level...

Current forecast...

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Dancing Raisins

We put some raisins into bottles of Sprite Zero, and Soda water.
We noticed:
The raisins had little bubbles on them.
Lots and lots and lots of bubbles were coming off the bottom.
The bubbles come up but never go down.
When you opened the bottle, there were a few bubbles, but when you added the raisins, it started exploding!
The raisins went up and down in the Sprite.
When the Sprite exploded the raisins kept going down.
The top of the Sprite was like a shield and the raisins coudn't get on top of it.
Near the beginning, when the bubbles went up they stayed on the top for ages. Then the top went all white.
The raisins that went to the top were covered with bubbles.
When you opened the brand new soda bottle, it exploded like a volcano.
As soon as you put the raisins in the Sprite bottle it overflowed.
The raisins in the bottle were getting wrinklier. They looked weird.
The Sprite bottle had more bubbles than the soda bottle.

We thought:
 The carbon dioxide or air was escaping. Less bubbles came up as we did it.
We think the bubbles made the raisins go up and down.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Shakeout- outside

Yesterday Mr Gilmore asked Room 11 if we knew what to do if we were outside when an earthquake struck. So today we used PicCollage to show him the answer. You move away from trees and buildings a few steps, and you drop, cover and hold. If you are out in the middle of the field, this means you need to make a turtle.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

More Inertia investigations!

We had some more fun today with our inertia experiments, and we used Slo-Mo on the iPads to record what happened. Here are a few of our videos.

The Great New Zealand Shake-out!

It felt like it was actually shaking!!! It felt real. It was fun. It was squishy under the tables. Everybody did it sensibly. Everybody was being good under the tables, and nobody did it crazily! Someone said it was very uncomfortable cos she had to hold onto two table legs. Someone else said she kept knocking her head on the table!

We are glad we all know what to do if an actual earthquake happens!